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Australian Tiny House Association Survey - Click to complete

ATHA have created a survey and are giving a call to action for tiny house enthusiasts and dwellers within Australia. We ask you to: 
1) share this survey with your tiny house friends 
2) select the link and participate in the first Australian Tiny House Survey which closes 31st March 2019.

It takes 15 minutes for prospective or current dwellers including B&B owners, shorter for builders / DIY and those interested in tiny houses. Anyone in Australia can participate in the survey.

Why do the survey?
Do we have 20 people residing in tiny homes on wheels or skids, or do we have 2,000 in Australia? Australia has little fact based information on Tiny House dwellers, prospective dwellers or builders / DIYs, or even those interested in tiny living and what their preferences are. We want to commence creating fact based information on Australian Tiny Houses. We can use this data to inform and influence government bodies, journalists, public speakers and give interested bodies a greater understanding of the tiny house community.

ATHA will then develop a report in July 2019 of the results. No detailed locations or names will be included. We would like more journalists and public speakers talking to fact vs perception.

We will publish periodically how many surveys have been completed and let’s see if we surpass 1,000.

We have had over 350 surveys completed as of 15 March and here are a few of the results that have come out of this.

dwellers reside.JPG
pet results.JPG

Do you have skills to help ATHA and the tiny house community?

The ATHA committee are looking for people with skills in the following. Please contact (Chris & Jan!) if you can help and want to volunteer your skills to supporting the Australian tiny house community. We want to make tiny bigger!

Grant submissions - to do more we need to find some funding, are you skilled in finding and submitting government or charitable grants? Time: ad hoc - as much as you can spare!

The ATHA Newsletter - are you interested in writing articles for the newsletter or managing pulling the monthly newsletter together. Or do you know someone who would like to have this on their CV? We are open to having someone re-vamp it and manage it. Time: a few hours a month.

Website and Social Media Skills - again possibly for someone looking to promote on their CV would you like to help manage one of our social media streams or help curate the content on the website? We can give you the content and you can make it look good! Time: a few hours a month.

Suppliers to the Tiny House Community - do you know anyone who would supply products or services to the tiny house community who would like to provide a discount for members as a member benefit? In return we can promote them via our social media channels and the newsletter.

We now have 65 ATHA members across all states. See this list for members. Welcome to all new members and we hope you have had a chance to connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you want to see our previous ATHA newsletters please click here. Please be sure to pass on details to friends, family, customers, suppliers and contacts you think would benefit from membership. All membership details are on our website here.

ATHA Membership


How technical automation can mean big comfort in a tiny house

Written by Fiona McComb of CATIM

The tiny house concept is really taking off in Australia. CATIM, an ATHA member, are all about designing, implementing and servicing automated technology that sees tiny houses transform from affordable residences into welcoming homes that are extremely functional, optimised and comfortable. Click here to see the first in a series of short articles that we will publish in coming newsletters. The first one is on Safety.

Polkadot Community EcoVillages and Tiny Houses

1 & 2 March 2019

Penne Chantel

Following on from the 2 successful events in 2018 the Queensland based Polkadot Community team created an EcoVillage and Tiny House focused seminar in March. With an array of speakers and tiny houses on display, there was a great atmosphere and the incredible and enthusiastic volunteers in their bright yellow t-shirts were a standout in more ways than one!

Click here for an article on the event by Penne Chantel.

Bryce Langston has been in Australia filming for future ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ episodes and has managed to squeeze in a limited number of speaking events. Narara EcoVillage hosted him for his full 1/2 day presentation with Chris Wenban from ATHA providing some local information. A full house of 100 enthralled attendees eagerly learned from his Tiny House experience from around the world. His new book sold out in the tea break but is still available online here.

His last speaking event is the Tiny House Festival in Bendigo and we eagerly await the weekly releases of tiny house stories for more great Aussie tiny houses.

Bryce Langston at Narara EcoVillage

9 March 2019

Victoria was lucky to have 2 great events going on last weekend. ATHA attended the Tiny House Festival in Bendigo on 23 & 24 March and the ECOSS Ecotopia Earth Festival at the Yarra Valley on 24 March. So whether you are north or south in Victoria there was somewhere to go to talk tiny.

An abundance of Tiny in Victoria!

23 & 24 March 2019

Looking Forward...

As an ATHA member if you have an event coming up or know of a state or national event that would resonate with members please let us know. We can add this to our events page to promote this.

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And Finally for Members..

We have some plans for the future.  

  • Report on data collected from the Australian Tiny House Movement Survey

  • Creation of a Members Only section on the website for information

  • A list of Tiny House friendly villages