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Points Of Interest

Do you have skills to help ATHA and the tiny house community?

The ATHA committee are looking for people with skills in the following. Please contact (Chris & Jan!) if you can help and want to volunteer your skills to supporting the Australian tiny house community. We want to make tiny bigger!

Grant submissions - to do more we need to find some funding, are your skill in finding and submitting government or charitable grants? Time: ad hoc - as much as you can spare!

The ATHA Newsletter? - are you interested in writing articles for the newsletter or managing pulling the monthly Newsletter together. Or do you know someone who would like to have this on their CV? We are open to having someone re-vamp it and manage it. Time: a few hours a month.

Website and Social Media Skills - again possibly for someone looking to promote on their CV would you like to help manage one of our social media streams or help curate the content on the website? We can give you the content and you can make it look good!

Suppliers to the Tiny House Community - do you know anyone who would supply products or services to the tiny house community who would like to provide a discount for members as a member benefit? In return we can promote them via our social media channels and the newsletter.


Living Big in A Tiny House

Bryce Langston and Rasa Pesud from Living Big in a Tiny House are in Australia in October and looking to film tiny house dwellers in their houses for the series. If you are interested contact them via their facebook page .

Event Write-up:


4 August 2018


Living legally state by state, the high level situation for THOW and THOF  

Valerie Bares from ESC Consulting answers the common questions of the legality of living in a tiny house, on foundation or on wheels, state by state.

In a Blog Post this month she covers XXXXXXX. See future newsletters for the other states.

ATHA Members

We now have 41 ATHA members across all states. See this list for members. Welcome to all new members and we hope you have had a chance to connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you want to see our previous ATHA newsletters please click here. Please be sure to pass on details to friends, family, customers, suppliers and contacts you think would benefit from membership. All membership details are on our website here.

Looking Forward...


As an ATHA member if you have an event coming up or know of a state or national event that would resonate with members please let us know. We can add this to our events page to promote this.

November and December:

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South Australia Event

Sunday 4 November: Adelaide


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