Newsletter - November 2018

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Points Of Interest

Housing affordability is a key phrase we hear when talking to a range of people about the tiny house movement. From non-profit organisations, through individual house dwellers, builders who recognise the impact their houses can make and people supporting the DIY Tiny House community. Hear Richard Wynne - Minister for Planning Victoria, discuss some of the new changes to Victorian legislation.

Do you have skills to help ATHA and the tiny house community?

The ATHA committee are looking for people with skills in the following. Please contact (Chris & Jan!) if you can help and want to volunteer your skills to supporting the Australian tiny house community. We want to make tiny bigger!

Grant submissions - to do more we need to find some funding, are your skill in finding and submitting government or charitable grants? Time: ad hoc - as much as you can spare!

The ATHA Newsletter - are you interested in writing articles for the newsletter or managing pulling the monthly Newsletter together. Or do you know someone who would like to have this on their CV? We are open to having someone re-vamp it and manage it. Time: a few hours a month.

Website and Social Media Skills - again possibly for someone looking to promote on their CV would you like to help manage one of our social media streams or help curate the content on the website? We can give you the content and you can make it look good! Time: a few hours a month.

Suppliers to the Tiny House Community - do you know anyone who would supply products or services to the tiny house community who would like to provide a discount for members as a member benefit? In return we can promote them via our social media channels and the newsletter.

Backyard Tiny Houses

Kate Trivic - Tiny Consulting

Read this blog article by Kate Trivic of Tiny Consulting on Backyard Tiny Houses and the need for regulation change to allow consistency nationally.

ATHA Members

We now have 47 ATHA members across all states. See this list for members. Welcome to all new members and we hope you have had a chance to connect on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you want to see our previous ATHA newsletters please click here. Please be sure to pass on details to friends, family, customers, suppliers and contacts you think would benefit from membership. All membership details are on our website here.

ATHA South Australia Event Write-up

Sunday 4 November: Adelaide

Peter Willems, ATHA Sate Lead for South Australia but a monumental amount of effort into organisation an ATHA event in Adelaide on Sunday 4 November. He showcased his own DIY Tiny House Build and arranged speakers from around the country and locally to talk to around 100 people on a number of tiny house subjects.

We are extremely pleased that we gain a whole group of new ATHA members and if you are still looking to join after the event don’t forget to do so through our membership page on-line .

To see some pictures on Facebook click here

Saturday 27 October: Nambour

Following on from an extremely successful Tiny House event in August the Polkadot Community team organised Tiny Houses and speakers at the Polkadot • Tiny Earth Arts Festival • AELA • Rona18 event in Nambour.

Jimmy Hirst and Kimberley Palmer brought along their Tiny House, which also cleverly doubled as the speaker stage. Aussie Tiny Houses had their display home available to tour, allowing ATHA member Colin Peters who was overnight site security from the event to sleep in comfort!

To see some pictures on Facebook click here

Watch out for their next event on 1&2 March in Noosa

After successfully showcasing a ‘Street of Houses’ at the Melbourne Home Show in August 2018, the team at EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS AUSTRALIA is putting a call out for Tiny House Builders to showcase their houses in 2019 in Melbourne and Sydney. Contact Phillip Nennstiel on 03 9276 5516 or if you are interested in being part of the streets

Sydney and Melbourne Home Show: Call for Tiny Houses!

Looking Forward...

As an ATHA member if you have an event coming up or know of a state or national event that would resonate with members please let us know. We can add this to our events page to promote this.

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And Finally for Members..

We have some plans for the future.  

ATHA is preparing a survey asking for your opinion and gathering analytics.  It’s important you voice what you want to get from ATHA, we are ready to listen, and the survey will come to you soon.  We are also gathering some analytics about those dwelling in a tiny home.  This will help inform us on facts vs fiction and provide us some insights early in 2019. We will make this information available to our members.   There are many news articles about tiny living and we hope to be a source of accurate Australian statistics for our members and people who are writing on tiny house living.

We also want to let you know about articles and information due to be published or provided by ATHA, enhancing the events and news lists we currently publish.  We want to keep updating the information relevant to your needs and for you to see what is coming.

A private ATHA member’s Facebook page is being launched, that will allow discussions internally to members. Keep an eye out for an email on the launch.

Finally, please have a wonderful time over December and January. We wish you the best with family, friends and laughter.   You will here from us again soon.