Newsletter - July 2018

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What is the Association?

The Australian Tiny House Associations (ATHA) Inc. has been incorporated through Consumer Affairs Australia

The Association has been created with a stated purposes and rules which are a contract between the association and its members and are used to guide how the association operates. The Purpose of ATHA is:

(1)      to gather and provide information regarding the building of and dwelling in tiny houses in Australia

(2)      to promote a healthy social and community environment conducive to tiny house building and dwelling

(3)      to educate and collaborate with members promoting tiny house quality and safety

(4)      to network with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organisations, and private industry to address these stated purposes, and

(5)      to fund raise to support the above activities.

All membership fees and any funds raised through activities will be used to provide the above services for members and the community. If you have any questions please contact a Committee member.

A founding committee has been created to ensure the set-up of the association in the first full year and the association committee and state leads will have roles allocated via a member vote once the initial first full financial year is completed (1 July 2019).

Introducing the Committee and State Leads

The Committee is made up of the following roles:

President - Chris Wenban - Tiny Footprint 

Vice President - Ric Butler - TinyHouse2Go

Treasurer - Ferne King - Tiny Footprint

Secretary - Jan Stewart - Tiny Non-profit

A role of State Lead has been created to drive membership in the individual states and to help focus on state specific rules and policies for members. The current roles are held by:

VIC - Chris Wenban - Tiny Footprint - Tiny House Builder and Dweller

ACT & NSW - Kellie Parkin - Tiny Homes Foundation – Not for Profit Organisation

NT - Suzie Celotti - The Tiny House Co. Darwin - Tiny House Building Company

QLD - Valerie Bares - ESC Consulting - Tiny House Consultant

SA - Peter Willems - Tiny House DIY Builder

TAS - Gideon Cordover- Wagonhaus - Tiny House Building Company

WA - Brent McKenna - Sustainable Tiny Home Villages

Please note all association roles are unpaid and held by volunteers.

Membership Fees explained

Members are charged an annual fee of $50. Fees are to cover basic costs of the association (incorporation fees, website hosting, administrative fees and incidental costs). Any funds left after these costs will be used for Association activities supporting the purpose above. If your membership fees are due please use the details below using your Initial and Surname as a reference.

Bank: National Australia Bank

Account Name: Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA) Inc.

BSB: 083-004

Account Number: 259379160

The association has been created to undertake activities for the benefit of members and the wider tiny house community in Australia. Direct benefits of membership include the below.

  • Access to a network of tiny house advocates, enthusiasts and specialists
  • Opportunity to engage with and on behalf of the association in advocacy and change for the benefit of the tiny house community
  • Discounts from suppliers for members
  • Additional information and content available on the website only to members
  • Access for commercial members to advertise at ATHA events.

Benefits for Members

Launching the new association logo

The Committee and State leads have devised a logo for the Association. We hope this brings together the aspects of tiny homes on foundations and wheels and will become recognised as a symbol of supporting this diverse community.


Current members will be able to use the 'Member' logo on their materials, website etc.

Contact to be sent the file





Member Profiles in Facebook and the Website

Members who wish to profile their own commercial organisation or tiny house movement activities are being asked to send through a paragraph of text, website and social media links to, so that we can profile them on our Facebook page and website. This will be free of charge, but of course anyone wishing to make a donation to the Association via the bank account details given for this would be welcome.

A list of current members can be found via a link on the Membership page.


We are adding events organised and involving our members in our Events page. If you want to include an event please contact us via email with details. Current events where Tiny Houses will be on display are:

And Finally ...

Look  for an ATHA event in South Australia coming soon..