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This is to show how tiny homes are becoming more popular - Tiny Homes WA in a Taubmans paint ad and Bunnings ad.

ATHA member Tiny Homes WA in Bunnings ad/issuu

Sep 2019

Western Australians have some of the biggest homes in the world, but there’s a growing interest in thinking outside the four-by-two box.

Sep 2019

The maker of De Campo’s home, Simon Joiner from Tiny Homes Perth, has seen growing interest in the few years he has been building compact homes, particularly from down-sizers, investors and younger buyers wanting somewhere of their own without an enormous mortgage.

Click here to read the full article.

Tiny houses on wheels (THOW) are gaining significant interest and momentum in Australia, as they offer alternative housing to the traditional housing model. A significant challenge for the acceptance of THOW relates to ambiguity on how they should be treated under regulations. The construction of THOW straddle both caravan regulations and housing regulations, which can raise significant debate in the tiny house sector, and a review of the National Construction Code Volume 2, Housing Provisions reviews how a THOW could be constructed to include the key elements of the Housing Provisions, or where dispensation maybe sought.

Click here to read more by Janine Strachan, ATHA VP of Planning and Safety Standards.

Can tiny houses on wheels comply with Australian housing provisions?

July 2019

The fast-growing tiny house industry is a step closer to becoming an official downsizing option, with an Australian-first move underway to recognise the dwellings under State regulations.

Tiny houses are defined by the Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA) as being moveable dwellings which are capable of being used for permanent accommodation and less than 50 square metres in size.

In effect, they are miniature and towable versions of typical suburban homes.

According to the ATHA’s vice-president Janine Strachan, the tiny house movement began in the United States following the global financial crisis of the late 2000s, when they became an affordable housing option for people who had lost their homes in the market crash. She estimated that tiny houses have been in Australia for up to eight years.

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Tiny houses making giant strides towards Australian-first legal recognition

June 2019

The Morrison government wants to make tiny homes a bigger deal.

Industry Minister Karen Andrews, a self-described fan of tiny homes, says she wants to see the prefabricated building sector grow by $30 billion over the next five years. The sector currently makes up about three to five per cent of Australia's $150 billion construction industry, but Ms Andrews says it could grow to 15 per cent by 2025. Click here to read more.

Morrison government's bid to grow tiny home industry

June 2019

Bunnings flatpack homes fly off the shelves – but only in New Zealand

May 2019

Lisa Martin talks to ATHA about tiny homes in Australia and New Zealand. Click here to read more.

A Victorian tiny-house company has won an international award for helping to make cities safer, more resilient and sustainable.

Fred's Tiny Houses teaches do-it-yourself builders the ins and outs of design and construction, as well as selling completed dwellings. Click here to read more.

Off-the-grid DIY tiny house business wins international sustainability award

May 2019

Simon Marnie talks to Guido Verbist from The Bower in Sydney, Kelly Parkin from Tiny Homes Foundation and Chris Wenban from the Australian Tiny House Association. Click here to here the episode from 11.45 mins onwards.

Talking Tiny on ABC News with Simon Marnie

March 2019

One lucky couple has the chance to win a night at IKEA’s first bed and breakfast. It’s a tiny Scandi-inspired abode and it’s on the actual shore of Sydney’s Bondi Beach. The Tiny House is ATHA Member Designer Eco Tiny Houses’ Adventure Series 6000 tiny Home.

IKEA Launch Tiny BnB

March 2019

Accessible tiny home helps elderly woman age in place gracefully 

February 2019

This lovely little home was built for a woman who wants to be closer to her loved ones, without losing her autonomy.

The Aussie builder leading the tiny house movement

January 2019

Read this article on realestate.com.au about ATHA member Grant Emans from Designer Eco Tiny Homes.

Steiner Student Year 12 builds Tiny House

November 2018

Click here to read how Ella Saul from Newcastle spent her last year of school built her own tiny house installed on the back of a ute.

City of Fremantle Tiny House

November 2018

On 28 March 2018 the City of Fremantle Council gave its final approval to the ‘Freo Alternative - Big Thinking about Small Housing’, formally known as Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 63. The proposed changes to the City's planning scheme aim to stimulate development of a wider choice of housing in Fremantle’s suburban areas while still maintaining what people value about their neighbourhoods. Click here to see more details.

Think Small for Perth’s affordable living infill future

November 2018

Click here to see an article in The West about the tiny house movement in Perth, WA.

A focus on women who build Tiny Houses

November 2018

A domain article on women in Australia who have build tiny houses. Click here to read the article.

Tiny homes all the rage, but they can come with a huge amount of red tape

September 2018

Tiny homes are the new alternative lifestyle dream, so why are they a still a bureaucratic nightmare to organise? Click here to read this ABC News article.

Octogenarian's tailor-made tiny house offers a retirement home alternative

September 2018

While Australia reels from stories of malpractice in the aged care sector, perched petitely in regional Victoria is a house that could serve as an alternative model to a retirement home. Click here to read the ABC News article.

Business Insider Article

September 2018

Here's what living in a tiny house is really like, according to people who traded their homes for minimalism. Click to see the article.

Fred’s Tiny Houses nominated in the Aim2Flourish awards

September 2018

The Aim2 Flourish awards celebrate positive business innovations around the world. These include a huge range of business initiatives; from selling low cost solar lights in urban slums to promoting gender equality in one of the world’s largest companies. Read about Fred’s nomination here.

Tiny Houses Open on Sustainable House Day 16 September

September 2018

Tiny houses sustainable for old and young a Podcast with Amanda Smith and Michael Mackenzie.

Tiny Homes, Big Community

August 2018

Read the Sanctuary Magazine article by Verity Campbell on Tiny Houses.

Cheaper land, better planning laws needed

August 2018

Article by ABC News on status of tiny houses in Victoria.

Sunrise on 7 Showcase Tiny Houses

August 2018

Click here to see Ferne King from Tiny Footprint talk about tiny houses and see a tiny house resident in her house.

Homes of the Future

August 2018

Kieran Callum from Nest'd talks about 'the house of the future'. Click here for the article in 9news.com.au.

Nine News at the Melbourne Home Show

August 2018

Nine News showed the tiny houses and structures at the Melbourne Homes show. Click here for the broadcast on Twitter.

Learn how to construct a tiny house in Sydney.

August 2018

Bower Reuse & Repair Centre in Marrickville is helping Sydneysiders take their small living dreams closer to reality, with their Tiny House Building Course open for enrolments. Click here for an article.

Melbourne Home Show

August 2018

The tiny living trend is showing no signs of slowing – as realestate.com.au discovered last week at the Melbourne Home Show.

Grand Designs Australia host Peter Madison on the tiny home he designed

August 2018

Article on domain.com.au on the RACV tiny house that Peter Madison from Grand Designs created and also details on Nestd, Off Grid Tiny Houses and GlamXperience.

Why so many Australians are embracing the ‘tiny house’ movement?

August 2018

Experts reveal why so many Australians are embracing the ‘tiny house’ movement. Click here to see the article in news.com.au.

Big Promises, Tiny Homes

July 2018

Read this article featuring Jan Stewart (ATHA Secretary) and stories on a number of tiny house projects around Australia.

Sowelo Tiny Houses, Winner of Master Builder's Excellence in Regional Building Awards 2018 

June 2018

Great news to hear a Tiny House builder winning an award. Congratulations to ATHA members Shona and Barlo from Sowelo Tiny Houses. Their beautiful contemporary tiny house is leading the way for recognition for this alternative style of housing.

How a crazy idea led Fred Schultz to build and live in a tiny house

June 2018

The ACT government is currently undertaking a housing choices project that is looking at a range of housing options available in residential areas and whether they meet the needs of the community.

Housing types such as tiny houses have been put forward by the community as possible options that could be considered as part of this project.  Click here to read more.

Victorian Government defines affordable housing in planning legislation

June 2018

VICTORIAN Planning Minister Richard Wynne last week announced that new regulations have come into force that better define 'affordable housing' and make it easier for Councils and developers to negotiate voluntary agreements to include affordable homes in residential developments.

Planning Officer to investigate North American Tiny House movement

May 2018

City of Kalamunda in WA,  planning officer Stephanie Brokenshire will travel to America to investigate the tiny house on wheels movement after being named the 2018 Local Government Professionals Lo-Go Scholarship winner. See article here.

Maroondah City Council Ruling

May 2018

The Municipal Association of Victoria state council is urging the state government to amend the Victorian planning provisions to better support small affordable housing. Click here to see the State Council Motion.

Tiny becomes Big

April 2018

Article on the Tiny House Movement in Australia from The Fifth Estate talking to Tiny Non Profit.

Ruling in Camden

April 2018

Tiny home movement gains momentum in South Australia

March 2018

While the movement is huge in the US and other parts of the world, and rapidly growing in Brisbane and Melbourne, it is also starting to take hold in South Australia. Read this article on realestate.com.au for more information.

Brisbane ruling on Tiny House

December 2017

A Brisbane couple living in a tiny house on wheels has won the right to keep their home in the backyard of an inner city property. For more details see this article from ABC News.