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2018 Sustainable Communities National Summit - Melbourne

  • Angliss Conference Centre 555 La Trobe Street Melbourne Australia (map)

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The 2018 Sustainable Communities National Summit will feature:

  • Case studies galore: Renewable Newstead, Tiny Houses, Cardinia Food Circles, Market Forces (divest your super), the power of solar, place making, local food

  • Leading speakers on the need for growth in the right places, including

    • Michel Bauwens, founder of the global Peer To Peer Foundation, leading global advances in the New Sharing Economy (building collaborative networks for the 'commons')

    • Julie Miller Markoff, bHive Bendigo cooperative

    • Professor Rebecca Wickes, the Australian Community Capacity Study

    • Dean Cracknell, founder of the Town Team Movement

    • Mariam Issa, Resilient Aspiring Women

    • Sam Marwood, Cultivate Farms

    • The Food Next Door Co-op, Mildura

    • David Holmgren, Retrosuburbia

    • Gilbert Rochecouste, Village Well (MC)

  • Snapshots of Sustainability initiatives from around Australia and internationally

  • Your involvement to help co-design a better future.

Convened by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) in association with Village Well, Sustain and Transition Australia