Wide corridors and stairs have become a luxury not likely to be found in tiny houses due to space constraints. However, lighting corridors and stairs — no matter how narrow — is the obvious solution to illuminate these areas, improve safety and even create atmosphere and architectural highlights. Automating such a feature could mean having lights that illuminate when someone enters the space, and turn off when they leave. Modern lighting technology can really contribute to the ambience of a home or kill it — as was apparent during the LED lighting craze that proved low-quality flood lighting of a space serves only to highlight the dust bunnies on the floor and that today’s designer approach of creating light and shadows makes lighting so much more aesthetically pleasing. Can you imagine subtle, motion-sensor floor lighting that follows people around as they move through the home at night? In fact, these people would be considered by the technology as friends of the home; but this automated courtesy does not apply to intruders — trespassers would receive the strobe light treatment and a shrieking security alarm to scare them off.

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Other safety elements you might consider introducing at the design stage of your tiny house build could include CO2 sensors, smoke sensors, cooking gas sensors and many more safety devices that are linked to the automation controller to provide early automatic warnings and enable immediate corrective action. Nowadays, you can summon help — such as an emergency text message to a loved one — at the push of a single button. This kind of technology is ideal for the elderly, the ill, those who require assisted living, are incapacitated or those who simply like to ‘set and forget’ and enjoy the benefits of having their technology needs pre-set and met at the touch of a button.

Guest Blog Post by ATHA Member Fiona McComb

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